Monday, January 19, 2009




A colourful, fancy and flamboyant creature, outspoken, bluntness, frankness and bashful candour, conscientious and painstaking manner, always in advance in their planning and an excellent organiser during activities, a good reader and highly intelligent character.

The Rooster a persuasive speaker effective in their discussions, meetings, debates also contains a sense of humour whenever they attend to their job or business. Literally they will not hesitate to speak their mind out and very forthright about their views or opinions.

As they tends to be very straight forward in words which more than often hurts others with some malicious remarks thus lacking tactical or diplomatic approach usually can damage their reputations and especially volatile also try to avoid acting on the spur of the moment.

With much confidence and if given authority they are usually very much dignified and also can handle, organise and manage their financial matters skilfully. They are careful and chose the right type of investment well enough to give them the opportunity to create enormous wealth at times. Many Roosters are stingy, thrifty save or use money wisely but also some are born reversely to be notorious spendthrifts and fortunate part is they are capable of making money and do not suffer much during crisis.

By nature they are very efficient in their business or at work always have a notebook in hand to jog down events and important notes facts to constantly reminding themselves and conducting all their activities in precisely corrective and methodical style. Being ambitious, the rooster is sometimes very unrealistic to reach their goals and occasionally allows their imagination run wildly and will not accept interference from others utilising own views rather than seeking advice.

Never will they accept criticism and dislike others prying into their privacy, personal affairs or doubting their judgement of their views and would certainly show uneasy feelings and to be known immediately. No doubt others will simply appreciate The Rooster because they are always honest, reliable and trustworthy with their colleagues, friends and associates but much self centred and stubborn over relatively trivial or minor matters.

For those whom are born between the hours of five to seven in the morning usually tends to be the most extrovert among their kind but most Roosters are very sociable, active and enjoy functions, social gatherings and parties.

The Rooster particularly can build up their circle of friends, influential associates and business contacts remarkably usually joins quite a number of clubs and societies and like to be involved with different type of activities. In due to their caring nature, they will promptly help others in distress and particularly interested in humanitarian matters, environment improvement or anything to do with charities.

A small amount of interest in gardening and expect their family members to upkeep the backyard to their liking or being productive in growing plants. Generally The Rooster is very distinguished in their appearance and would like to display being dress up in uniforms or company clothes whenever their jobs permit with pride and dignity although they are not averse to much publicity but would like to highlighted to attract crowd attention.

They can be good teachers, public relation officers, sales executives or anything to do with the media. Roosters in particular usually has a large family and love to educate their children with care and interest, while they are also very loyal to their partner will be compatible well suited to The Snake, horse, Ox and Dragon.

No two Rooster can stay together because most likely they squabble and irritate with each another and provided The Rat, Goat, Pig and Tiger do not interfere with their interest or affairs will find them getting along well established in good relationship.

Difficult with the rather sensitive Rabbit which find them too blunt and frank in their words and actions and will be quickly become exasperated by the ever inquisitive and artful Monkey not to mention the anxious Dog which do not at all fit into their character.

Now to mention the female Rooster, they lead a variety colourful and interesting life and love to be involved into many types of activities, hobbies and interest that sometimes their friends keep wondering how they can manage to achieve attentively.

They often holds strong and take pride in their views just like their male counterpart and without any thoughts or even hesitation will speak their minds out bluntly causing embarrassment or may hurt other’s feelings.

Female Rooster’s home are usually neat and tidy, supremely efficient, well organised and good in arranging their furnishing and renovations and has a good taste for fashion and dressing smartly for their outings or functions.

Finally, the Rooster although is talented and capable of making impression everywhere they goes and will be successful if they take learn to be tactful, reduce bluntness in their speech, overcome their volatile nature.